This Month in PHCSoAI: Port Harcourt School of AI February Schedule/Timeline

This Month in PHCSoAI: Port Harcourt School of AI February Schedule/Timeline

On the first week of every month, the community releases her timeline/schedule for the month to make it easier for the general public to track the major activities by the community for that month, plan ahead, and to make the community volunteers accountable for delivering the expected results.

Accountability breeds response-ability - Stephen Covey

At the Port Harcourt School of AI (PHC SoAI), we value collaboration a lot β€” both internally among our members and stakeholders and externally among our partners and collaborators. In this light, we want to make sure our activities are tracked by the public for proper information, as well as collaborators seeing upfront the activities for the community in order for both parties to plan accordingly or make adjustments when needed.

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February Activities Timeline

Wednesday, 12th of February 2020

Announcement of a new Machine Learning course from Port Harcourt School of AI

On this day, we plan to launch our first course on Machine Learning and Data Science. We are so excited about this launch and cannot wait. The course was carefully designed and curated by our program team alongside industry experts and community mentors. The new course will be announced in a blog post and on our social media platforms, so do well to follow our social media platforms and as well check back on our blog too.

We will send the link to our public learning curriculum through the same channels, as well as the registration for the program.

Release of the first batch of guest speakers/facilitators for the Machine Learning course

Also, we will release an announcement poster containing the details of the first batch of speakers and guest facilitators in the same channels as we will announce the launch of the course. We have an amazing array of guest speakers. Over 15 guest speakers and facilitators of our classes and a majority of them with industry experience(s). We are also welcoming 3 Google Developer Experts (GDEs) as well as 2 other best-selling authors of books on Machine Learning, among others. We are very excited about the line-up of speakers and facilitators for the course and we cannot wait to share the ecstasy with you. Stay tuned!

Thursday, 13th of February 2020

Call for Instructors for the Port Harcourt School of AI 2020 Machine Learning Cohort

On this day, we will announce a call for instructors who are willing to teach and impact learners with the required knowledge, based on our course curriculum. The new instructors will join a team of experienced tutors and practitioners that will facilitate the classes alongside the guest speakers and facilitators. This is definitely an opportunity for you to develop yourself, develop others, and as well works with top experts and practitioners in the Machine Learning industry. If you have a bit of experience and are importantly passionate about social impact and our mission, you should anticipate this. πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

Friday, 14th of February 2020

Your questions on the new Machine Learning course answered

The course facilitators will be available live from 19:45 to 20:45 (West African Standard Time) to answer your questions regarding the new Machine Learning course from the community. You can either tweet at us at this time, or send us an email. If you are also on our WhatsApp group platform (which is currently full now), we will be available to take your questions and see how we can help out.

There will be a blog post detailing the FAQs we received and their comprehensive answers a day after (15th of Feb, 2020).

Tuesday, 18th of February 2020

Call for the first set of impact-drivers and volunteers for the Port Harcourt School of AI 2020

At the Port Harcourt School of AI, we are very keen on working with individuals who primarily have the drive for impact and they believe what we believe in the community. The community will need a number of volunteers across defined sectors in the organization, and during the application process, we will make them known. We are a team of very talented, young, and passionate young people that are willing to go the extra mile to make sure we make the required impact in our society. If this is something you think you'd want to hop on to, you can check back on our blog or any of our other channels on this day.

Friday, 28th of February 2020

Release of learners' brochure for Port Harcourt School of AI (PHC SoAI) cohort

In our bid to be learner-centric in our programs, we are currently designing a brochure for learners and potential learners of our course so that they can get more details on the program structure and other necessary information they would need to succeed in the program.

Saturday, 29th of February 2020

Learners' orientation for the new Machine Learning course

Following the release of our new ML course, we will have an orientation for interested participants in learning about the course structure, and other necessary information needed. The orientation will be open to everyone and will be time-bound.

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We look forward to a month of impact! πŸ’ƒπŸΌπŸ’ƒπŸΌ

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