Registration For Port Harcourt School of AI's Machine Learning Cohort 2020 is Open!!!

Registration For Port Harcourt School of AI's Machine Learning Cohort 2020 is Open!!!

Hello, community!

We are very pleased to announce that you can now register for the new machine learning course from Port Harcourt School of AI that was announced last week.

The registration process is for only the pre-requisite track (please refer to the blog post for more). There will be a program fee attached to the main track that will be communicated to participants that register for the pre-requisite track.

Pre-requisite Track

Our pre-requisite track runs for 5 Saturdays and one Friday (April 4th), you can refer to the syllabus on the specific dates for the classes in this track. This track will be free for the community but with a limited number of registrants, due to the available resources. Be rest assured that we will do our best to record the sessions and upload to our YouTube channel.

The weekend classes are expected to take 4-5 hours of your time. Due to limited sponsorships, we may not be able to provide lunch or refreshment for the classes. We encourage you to find means you may use to get lunch and/or refreshment for yourself on the class days.

For a glimpse of our guest facilitators for the pre-requisite track, please see the speaker flyer here. The instructors for these tracks will be announced on our social media pages and especially to those who register for the classes.

Main Tracks

Our main tracks run quite longer than the pre-requisite track. The main track 1 (machine learning track) runs for about 20 weeks. This is the rigour we blogged about during the announcement of the course. In 20 weeks, you are going to be constantly working in groups and working on projects for almost every weekend. This way, you get a practical understanding of the curriculum including workshops on what industries currently require from machine learning engineers and data scientists.

The projects you get to work on are projects with resources and datasets that are synonymous to problems we face in our local society such as healthcare, retail, agriculture, logistics, and even manufacturing. This is so that we can see the immediate applicability of the knowledge you are gaining, and how that can improve your problem-solving ability. The learning program has been developed based on Bloom's taxonomy on helping learners master content.

As stated earlier, due to lack of sponsorship, for now, we will be charging a program fee for the main track so that we can cover up for the majority of expenses we will encounter. The details concerning program fees will be sent to registered participants in the coming week.

The main track 2 (deep learning) will be released soon and we have exciting plans for that, as usual. If you enrol for the main track 1, your program fees should cover up for the deep learning track.

Participants who enrol for the main tracks are the ones that will have access to our study group programs, as well as our learning management platform and in-classroom activities. More details on this will come in the following weeks.

Most Ideal Learner/Student To Take This Course

The "most ideal student to take this course" initiative is to showcase a number of characteristics in which any of the students have, can guarantee their success in the program. This does not mean that learners without these characteristics may not thrive in the course, it only means that under these circumstances, we expect learners with these characteristics to succeed in the course.

For a learner to gain the optimal benefits of the "Practical Machine Learning course" (#pmlcourse), they must;

  1. Live in the Port Harcourt city or close, because one of the cores of our methodology is the "empathetic" human connection involved in the educational process.

  2. Be passionate about learning and continuous growth.

  3. Be willing to start a career in machine learning and data technologies.

  4. Be willing to work independently to build their competency while also making sure that they collaborate nicely with their peers to ensure their success as well.

  5. Have at least 15 hours/week to spare for the duration of the program.

  6. Possess Intermediate knowledge of Python programming language.

  7. Possess basic knowledge in SQL query language.

  8. Must already embrace online learning as well as self-learning, and can use online learning platforms.

We are also working on the community's students' brochure currently, once that's complete, we will release it to the general public through a blog announcement and our social media platforms. Also, our students' orientation is coming up at the end of this month. Every detail about that will be disclosed before the week runs out.

Do you think you are up for the #pmlcourse? Register here now, and we will get in touch with you.

Would you love to sponsor our program or support it? We'd be happy to speak with you to provide more vivid details. You can email us at or call +2348157108585. We typically respond to our emails on weekdays under 24 hours.