Announcing NeurIPS Meetups Port Harcourt!

Announcing NeurIPS Meetups Port Harcourt, 2019!

Hello there! We are super-glad to announce that the Port Harcourt School of AI will be hosting this year’s (and the very first) NeurIPS Meetup. This article is to get you up to speed on what NeurIPS is and what to expect from the Meetup that would take on the 13th and 14th of December 2019.


Hold On There, Uhm… What’s NeurIPS?

The Neural Information Processing Systems Conference (or NeurIPS, for short) is (arguably) the largest professional gathering of AI (Artificial Intelligence) practitioners, experts, researchers, and even enthusiasts. It is held annually in Canada which is perhaps known as the home of modern AI (because most of the pioneers of modern AI came from Canada; Yoshua Bengio, Geoffrey Hinton). The core focus of this meeting is peer-reviewed novel research which is presented and discussed in the general session, along with invited talks by leaders in their field. You can read more about NeurIPS here.

What is a NeurIPS Meetup?

A NeurIPS Meetup is a local event hosted during the NeurIPS conference, leveraging conference videos, and live local content, with a duration ranging from a few hours to a full week, and bringing together either participants from a single institution (a company or a university) or the public.

NeurIPS meetup will broadcast keynotes, main conference and selected workshops of the NeurIPS conference, as well as a local exhibition of workshops so participants can learn the latest in AI research and development. The meetup will also have renowned researchers from academia and research labs speaking at the event.

About NeurIPS Meetup Port Harcourt This Year

This will be Port Harcourt’s first experience hosting NeurIPS Meetups and we (at the Port Harcourt School of AI) are planning so it will be an awesome noteworthy experience for you. The Port Harcourt NeurIPS Meetup will hold in all or any of the days between December 8th and December 16th. During the Meetup, we will, of course, stream the meeting and will be looking to invite locals and practitioners that have AI-related research to come share what their work is about with us. We will also look to have workshops as well and discuss the latest and cutting-edge in AI and AI-related research and applications.

The venue and schedule for the Meetup will be announced soon to participants who register, via an email. (By the way, you can find the dates for the NeurIPS conference here and schedule here.)

Hmm… Sounds Good! What’s In It for Me?

Uhm, so you are wondering so what, what’s in it for you, eh? Well, we’ve got you covered!

  1. An opportunity to learn directly from the pioneers of the field, the latest in AI research and development.
  2. Learn through local workshops on the latest Machine Learning and Deep Learning techniques.
  3. Have interactive sessions with researchers both through remote talks and on-site talks.
  4. Meet and network with people interested in the same field as you are.
  5. Learn new technologies and tools that developers, engineers, researchers are using in AI research, application, and development.
  6. With other participants and a facilitator, collectively explore research papers that will be presented during the conference.
  7. Eat, connect, have fun, build quick and accessible AI apps.


I am completely new to Artificial Intelligence, can I still attend?

Of course, yes. Talks, workshops, shows, and the fun part of the Meetup will all be made beginner-friendly and accessible by the facilitators

Is childcare available so I can bring my kids?

As of this time, we cannot confirm if childcare will be available at the venue. But if you want to bring your kids, do well to indicate such in the registration form below.

Is there a participation fee for the event?

No, the event is free.

For more questions related to this, contact us at .

We cannot wait to welcome you. To register for the Meetup, click on this link. To get more information on the Port Harcourt School of AI, check our Twitter page here or send us an email.

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