AI School ("Port Harcourt School of AI")

AI School ("Port Harcourt School of AI")

AI School Africa announces learning program sponsorship for 60 lucky Data Science beginners

AI School Africa announces learning program sponsorship for 60 lucky Data Science beginners

Register to become a part of a project-based Data Science learning program from AI School Africa.

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Stephen Oladele
·Apr 9, 2022·

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Hello, community!

We are excited to announce the first cohort of a fully-sponsored learning program open to the community and potential community members. This learning program aims to help ~60 fellows looking to start their careers in Data Science and Machine Learning get a headstart through project-based learning structured in line with a sponsored Udemy course.

Here is the program timeline:



What will you have access to?

  • Lifetime access to a selected Udemy course on beginning Data Science and Machine Learning.
  • Teaching assistant to help you navigate technical and career problems.
  • A group you can work with.
  • Bi-weekly mentorship conversations with data practitioners.

Criteria for selection

To be selected for this learning program, you will need to:

  • Be willing to dedicate at least 8 hours of learning and practicing for three months.
  • Be available to work with teammates of diverse cultures and origins.
  • Be willing to complete all the compulsory assignments, mini-group projects, and a final capstone project.
  • Be ready to work with a teaching assistant to provide a weekly learning progress report.

Program requirements

The essential requirements to successfully engage in this program include:

  • Working laptop.
  • Access to a reliable internet connection for the program duration.

Program reward

By the end of this program, you should:

  • Have a Data Science portfolio to launch your data career.
  • Go through interview preparation sessions with data practitioners that will also help you tailor your CV.
  • Have your portfolio up on AI School Africa's new website so potential employers can find you.

💪🏽 Interested in kicking off your Data Science and Machine Learning career?

Registration is currently closed.

Got any questions? Leave a comment below or reach us on Twitter @aischool_africa.

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